Is It Possible to Use IPL Every Week?

You’ve undoubtedly heard about IPL from your dermatologist, but you might be unsure how to use it or how often you should use it. Fortunately, we have answers to all of your IPL inquiries, including what it can do for unsightly body hair, facial hair, and more.

The IPL is well-liked for a number of reasons. For starters, it has a wide range of applications, making it a very practical choice for individuals wanting to address many skincare issues at once, such as acne and hair removal. However, knowing how to use it properly is critical if you want to get the most out of your IPL treatments. Knowing how often to utilise it is an essential element of this.

What is the IPL?

The acronym IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This is a sort of light treatment that’s widely used to treat a wide range of skin issues. People seek IPL therapy for a variety of reasons, including removing or reducing the look of any of the following:

  • Freckles that you don’t want
  • Spots of old age
  • Varicose veins are a kind of varicose vein that occurs when
  • Birthmarks are visible signs of solar damage.
  • On the face, there are broken blood vessels.
  • Rosacea
  • Hair on your face, chest, back, legs, bikini line, or underarms that you don’t want

Ultimately, virtually everyone benefits from finishing IPL therapy. It’s vital to understand that this isn’t the same as laser therapy. Unlike laser treatment, which only emits one wavelength of light, IPL emits light in a variety of wavelengths.

Furthermore, unlike laser hair removal, the IPL light is not hyper-focused. This enables IPL to penetrate all the way down to the second layer of the skin, avoiding damage to the top layer and resulting in reduced skin damage.

Because pigment cells in the skin absorb light energy, it functions. This is eventually turned to heat, which eliminates the undesirable pigment and removes freckles and other impurities. This is the same mechanism that stops hair follicles from developing. The greatest thing is that if you undergo IPL treatments frequently enough, you won’t have to worry about hair regrowth—you’ll be hair-free for the rest of your life.

Treatment Options for IPL

If you’re looking for an IPL hair removal treatment, you have a few alternatives. It’s critical to educate yourself on the options available before making a final selection.

The first is to have IPL treatment at your dermatologist’s clinic. This normally entails a series of IPL treatments, as an IPL treatment is often something you’ll want to do more than once.

The cost will, of course, vary depending on your location, the disease being treated with IPL, and the size and location of the treatment area. IPL usually costs between $700 and $1200. Because it’s a cosmetic surgery, health insurance typically doesn’t cover the expense. As a result, if you want to experience the benefits of IPL and see a dermatologist, you’ll have to pay for it yourself.

There are home device choices if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on IPL treatment and would rather do it yourself from the comfort of your own home! Fortunately Vivre® IPL  offers an IPL Hair Removal Handset that allows you to have a salon-quality IPL treatment without leaving your home.

How to Prepare for an IPL Treatment Properly

If you’re going to do an IPL treatment at home, make sure you know how to properly prepare so you can reap the entire range of advantages. To begin with, IPL works best on those who have black hair but light skin tones since the contrast in pigmentation and melanin allows the device to target hair more effectively. Unfortunately, if you have dark skin, you may have difficulty achieving the results you want. To give your skin the best opportunity of correctly absorbing the treatment and recovering thereafter, you should avoid a few items just before you start IPL treatments.

You should stay away from:

  • Beds for tanning
  • Sunlight in the face
  • Chemical peels Waxing
  • Injections of collagen

Any medication that raises your risk of bleeding Skincare products containing vitamin A

If you have any doubts about what is or is not appropriate in preparation for your IPL treatment, you may always see your dermatologist.

Is it necessary for me to use IPL on a regular basis?

IPL hair removal devices are a fantastic way to lessen the look of a variety of skin conditions. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you’ll most likely need to finish many sessions to achieve the results you seek. This is one of the advantages of the at-home set: you don’t have to schedule several sessions or pay various high-cost bills.

Most individuals will see the effects of their treatments after just three or four sessions, but it will take 12 sessions to observe the full extent of the effects.

If you’re taking Vivre® IPL  for hair growth, you’ll find that after the first few weeks, it starts to slow down. We created Vivre® IPL so that you can see results in as little as 3-4 weeks. If you’re planning to use Vivre® IPL for a certain event or season, such as summer preparation, you should get started as soon as possible.

While there is a lot of debate over how often you should use IPL, the best response is that it depends entirely on your body and the problem you’re trying to solve. To get the most accurate response, ask your dermatologist, who is familiar with your skin type, how often they would recommend you complete IPL treatments. That said, during the first few weeks, you can use IPL once a week until you just need it for touchups.

Because skin cells “turn over” every 30 days or so, the best thing to do once you’ve gone over the early stage is to wait that long between sessions to ensure that you’re utilising it properly.

Side Effects and Safety

Following a treatment using an IPL machine, you may experience certain adverse effects. Fortunately, they are usually not long-lasting and disappear within a day or two. Following your IPL treatment, you may suffer one or more of the following adverse effects:

  • Infection with Bruising and Blistering
  • Changes in skin colour

You may decrease your chance of developing these side effects by following the procedures to properly care for your skin before and after IPL. If you have any concerns about a side effect, contact your doctor to check that you don’t need to be seen for treatment.

You should be able to resume all of your usual activities following therapy. It’s quite natural, though, if your skin feels somewhat red or irritated for many hours thereafter. Don’t be alarmed if you feel like you’ve gotten a sunburn! This may last for a few days after the treatment is finished. To allow your skin to recover, you should avoid using hot water.

While you may wish to prevent these side effects, you should be aware that IPL alternatives might be hazardous.

Why Is It Important? IPL at-home treatment is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. For starters, your skin is the biggest organ in your body and the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. It is important to devote time to upkeep since you should feel confident and prepared to face the world. Vivre® IPL can assist you.

IPL may be used to address a variety of skin issues, so there’s something for everyone. Even better, you can address numerous problems at once, making skin regeneration simple. This implies you won’t have to undergo several treatments for different skin problems because IPL may cure them all at once.

Furthermore, as compared to in-office IPL treatments, Vivre® IPL Hair Removal Handset is relatively affordable. This product is unique in that it allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of an in-office visit without the high cost, time spent in the waiting room, or rushing back and forth between dermatologist visits. You may instead take control of your skin from the comfort of your own home.

Final Thoughts

You only have one body, therefore it’s critical to appreciate and care for it. IPL, which is not the same as laser treatment, can assist you with this. IPL is unusual in that it may penetrate to the second layer of your skin without causing damage to the first. You can obtain the outcomes you want without causing any harm.

There are a few things you should avoid in order to properly prepare for an IPL treatment. This will assist guarantee that the therapy goes well and that you don’t have any unpleasant side effects.

When you initially start using the at-home IPL solution, you may use it once a week, but eventually, you’ll only need to use it once a month to maintain your results. It’s critical to make sure you’re following these limits and not going beyond. Furthermore, IPL therapy isn’t suited for all skin types, and even though there’s no proof that it’s dangerous, you should avoid it if you’re pregnant or nursing – merely as a precaution.

For a variety of reasons, IPL is a significant breakthrough in the cosmetic business. It’s a cosmetic surgery that may actually change the way you look at your skin. There’s no need to conceal your skin; with Vivre® IPL, you can start enjoying who you are right now.