Learn more about the Vivre® IPL Pro Cordless Hair Removal Device

Thanks to Vivre new breakthrough, permanent at-home hair removal has never been simpler. Learn about the Vivre® IPL Pro’s features and benefits, and why it’s destined to become your new all-in-one hair removal solution.

Getting the silky smooth, hair-free skin you want isn’t always as simple as you would think. Because there are so many various options to pick from, dealing with temporary solutions that all appear to have flaws and annoyances may be irritating. For many individuals, the concept of a hair removal method that is pleasant, economical, simple to use, and provides permanent results may sound like a pipe dream, but it is a reality.

Vivre is thrilled to inform you about our newest advancement in at-home hair removal technology, and how you may use it to get the silky-smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always desired. It’s called the Vivre® IPL Pro, and it’s the newest addition to our world-famous hair removal gadget range. However, before we get into the specifics of this fantastic technology and how it works, we believe it’s vital to discuss the true reasons why most regular hair removal procedures fail to meet the expectations of so many people in their everyday lives.

Hair Removal That Is Better Than Other Common Methods

The fundamental issue with most hair removal procedures is that they are unable to provide long-term results. This implies that no matter how many times you shave, wax, pluck, thread, sweeten, or epilate, those hairs will grow back, over and over again. These conventional hair removal treatments are nothing more than a never-ending loop of squandered time and effort that might be better spent on a variety of other activities.

The explanation for this is straightforward. All these techniques operate by altering individual hairs, either by cutting them close to the skin or pulling them out from the root. This, of course, does nothing to stop the hair from coming back. After a day or two after shaving, the hair becomes visible again along the rough and scratchy stubble. Other procedures, such as waxing, which removes all of the hair, take a week or two before you observe any regrowth. Of course, once the hair appears, you’ll have to repeat the whole procedure.

Light-based hair removal, such as laser hair removal and IPL hair removal, differs from most other procedures of hair removal since it has the capacity to influence hair follicles, preventing future development. They do this by blasting the therapy region with powerful bursts of light energy. These flashes of light are absorbed by the hair strands, converting the light energy to heat energy.

Heat energy is passed to the surrounding cells of the follicle as it goes down the strand and towards the base root of the hair. These are the cells that control hair development, and the heat energy prevents them from producing new hairs. Each further laser or IPL treatment amplifies the effects, resulting in permanent hair eradication. After the treatment cycle is through, and you’ve followed the instructions to the letter, you’ll have smooth, hair-free skin for the rest of your life. Even among the numerous forms of light-based hair removal, however, there are significant technological distinctions to be aware of.

IPL Technology with a Proven Track Record for Long-Term Results

The composition of visible spectrum light utilised in real laser and IPL beams is the major distinction. Laser technologies, for example, utilise a relatively restricted fraction of the spectrum to generate their beams. Only a precise range of red, blue, or green light is employed in most laser technologies. IPL devices, on the other hand, generate pulses that cover a significantly wider spectrum of light.

Laser hair removal technologies are restricted in the sorts of patients that may be successfully treated, despite their effectiveness for their intended function. Laser devices often provide the best results in those who have the most difference between their skin and hair tones. In the simplest terms, laser hair removal is excellent for persons with light skin and dark hair — this is crucial to understand.

IPL hair removal devices offer an advantage over laser hair removal devices in that their broad-spectrum light pulses may achieve the required outcomes on a far wider variety of skin and hair tone combinations than laser hair removal devices. As a result, IPL is a great choice for folks who have been advised that laser hair removal isn’t going to work for them. They may now obtain the permanent results they’ve always desired, securely and without the risk of side effects, thanks to IPL.

This is one of the main reasons why Vivre hair removal devices are known for their excellent results and convenience of use all over the globe. Vivre IPL machines enable consumers to accomplish permanent hair removal swiftly and effectively on a considerably wider range of skin and hair tones, all from the comfort of their own homes. On that point, it’s time to learn about the new features that our engineers have created to make the Vivre Pro the most user-friendly at-home IPL hair removal equipment yet.

Vivre Pro’s New Features

Our engineers and product designers set out to create a device that was even easier to use while still providing all of the benefits that make Vivre IPL technology the most effective choice for permanent at-home hair removal.

To begin, our designers improved the device’s form factor and shape to make it more ergonomic, including adding an ergonomic handle that made it more pleasant to grasp and navigate across various treatment regions. While this may seem to be a tiny modification, it enables for faster treatment times, which will benefit everyone.

As soon as you set the gadget on the treatment region, this innovative sensor technology optimises your treatments automatically. Vivre Pro technology takes control once triggered and put on the region of skin to be treated, automatically activating the light emitter at exact intervals to deliver the finest possible hair removal results in the shortest period of time.

The Vivre Pro also comes with vital features like customizable energy level settings so you can totally tailor your treatments, automated skin tone sensors for added safety, and a super-long-life emitter bulb that can produce up to 500,000 individual flashes. That’s more than enough for a lifetime’s worth of hair removal treatments!

Switch to Vivre Pro IPL and Discover the Difference!

We’re convinced that after you’ve switched from your razor, waxing kit, stinky depilatory lotion, or unpleasant epilator to the Vivre Pro, you’ll never go back to those temporary hair removal methods. Consider how much time you’ll save with this amazing little gadget, as well as the freedom it will provide you to enjoy more of life instead of spending time with razors, tweezers, or waxing salon visits.

Discover the benefits of Vivre IPL technology for yourself. Now is the time to get your Vivre Pro hair removal gadget, or to learn more about it.