The Fastest Way to Get Hairless, Permanently Smooth Legs

Shaving may be exhausting at times. To have silky smooth legs, I don’t want to shave them every week. What’s worse, I already have stubble after just 24 hours! Every other shower, I spend time shaving my legs, just to have them smooth for a few hours. I can get away with not shaving my legs as often in the winter, but as the weather warms up and I bring my sundresses and shorts out of the closet, it’s time to dust off the razor.

However, I don’t want to visit a salon or aesthetician every few weeks and pay money to have my legs waxed or sugared. Because the leg hair has to be roughly the length of a grain of rice for this to work, I’m going to go one week with smooth legs and three weeks with hair. It just does not seem to be the greatest alternative!

For the last 10 years, I’ve been shaving, waxing, and sugaring my legs, and I’m still not happy with the results. Although I like having silky, smooth legs, I am aware that there must be a better method.

Temporary Alternatives

The majority of hair removal procedures are just temporary, such as:

Using store-bought wax to shave

Wax strips of soft wax

Epilating hair removal lotions with hard wax

If you don’t want to spend your life shaving, being smooth for a few hours, and then developing undesirable stubble all within the same 24-hour period, it’s time to think about something more permanent.

Permanent Alternatives

You’ve probably heard about laser hair removal. When the notion of “laser hair removal” was first proposed to me, I was hesitant. It seemed to be excessively sophisticated, costly, and difficult. I couldn’t afford the hundreds of dollars it would have cost me to get it done on a monthly basis. At-home hair removal equipment, on the other hand, employ comparable technology as laser hair removal to help you achieve the smoothest, silkiest skin imaginable.

These hair removal procedures may be affordable and simple to use, but you should think about upkeep before investing in any of them. I’ve been shaving for almost 10 years and, depending on the week, I still have to shave my legs one to two times a week. It’s all too easy to grab a $15 razor from the local shop and go to town. Those benefits, however, are only transitory when shaving alone.

Permanent Hair Removal at Home

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a relatively recent hair removal method that delivers the longest-lasting results available. It works in the same way as laser hair removal in that it targets the hair follicle, causing hair to grow in slower and thinner until it doesn’t come back at all. IPL hair removal equipment at home employ mild light pulses to target the hair’s root. It inhibits hair growth by affecting the follicle with mild light pulses.

The Vivre Pro IPL Hair Removal Device

The Vivre at-home IPL hair removal gadget achieves the same permanent hair removal results as laser hair removal while allowing you to treat yourself in the privacy of your own home.

The technology, along with its user-friendly design, makes it the quickest and easiest method to remove leg hair. Multiple power settings and the flexibility to switch between Glide and Pulse enable you to treat both tiny, concentrated regions and bigger, wider regions (like your legs), making treatment sessions effective and simple.

With the Vivre, you can give yourself some well-deserved self-care while making your skin smooth, healthy, and hair-free.

What You Should Know

There are a few things you should know about IPL before you begin your treatments.

You must be consistent if you want to see results. Because hair grows back in cycles, you’ll need to maintain repeating IPL treatments to ensure that every follicle is exposed to the light. Over time, this will result in reduced hair growth.

The results will be available around the third month. You could be dissatisfied after the first few treatments. But don’t be concerned. The better the outcomes, the more consistent you are and the better you follow the prescribed techniques.

It isn’t the quickest option available. Because you must shave in tiny portions and ensure that the light is kept on for as long as it is required, the procedure takes longer than the three minutes it would take to shave. I’d suggest turning on Netflix, placing a towel on the bed, and getting to zapping.

IPL may be more difficult to utilise on darker skin or lighter hair. Because IPL relies on melanin to operate, if your hair is too near in colour to your skin tone, you may not be able to utilise it. For darker skin tones, there are certain laser hair removal solutions that may be a suitable alternative.

In between treatments, you must continue to shave. Shorter hair allows light to reach the hair’s base more easily. Shaving is a quick remedy, but IPL is the long-term cure!

When used correctly, it does not hurt the skin. While lights and lasers may seem frightening, IPL employs a very moderate kind of light to avoid any skin harm. You’ll be OK if you follow the guidelines carefully and do your study.

How to Get Ready for the IPL

Here are a few things to think about when it comes to skin preparation for IPL:

Don’t wax, tweeze, or sweeten the area where the IPL treatment will be performed. IPL utilises the melanin in the hair follicle to break bonds and permanently remove the hair. There is nothing for the light to target if the hair has been newly waxed, tweezed, or sugared.

Use hair removal lotion sparingly on the region you’ll be concentrating on. Hair removal lotions include ingredients that might irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to light therapy. IPL treatments will be more painful as a result of this.

You should not tan before using an IPL machine. The skin may also become more sensitive to the light therapy as a result of this. It will be more painful if the skin is more sensitive.

After using an IPL machine, do not tan. IPL makes your skin more susceptible to tanning, just as sunbathing makes your skin more susceptible to IPL. You can get an uneven, unnatural tan, or even irritated or burnt skin as a result.

Use no skincare products on the affected area. This includes moisturisers, oils, cosmetics, perfume, and powder of any type.

Make sure your legs are shaven when you’re ready to begin. Legs should be shaved at least 24 hours before to treatment. This may seem to be counterproductive but believe me when I say that it is not. Shaving your legs ensures that the light technology reaches your hair’s roots rather than the ends. This will provide the finest outcomes. Make sure your skin is free of any products, then connect your smartphone and get started!

What to Do After IPL and How to Keep the Results

After your treatments, it’s quite normal for your skin to be somewhat puffy or red. The region may feel a little sunburned or razor burned. To calm the region following treatments, use aloe vera or a moisturiser with SPF.

IPL isn’t supposed to provide instant results. It may require many treatments depending on your hair growth cycle. Hair growth that isn’t typical for you, such as spotty or uneven growth, might occur. This just shows that the therapy was effective! The more you use your IPL machine at home, the less hair grows back in between treatments.

It’s important to look after your skin following treatments. Because your skin may be sensitive, stay out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme heat. Any prolonged exposure to the sun, such as tanning, may cause irritation and discomfort. This includes places that are overly hot, such as hot baths, saunas, hot tubs, and strenuous exercise. Skin sensitivity may be reduced by using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Keep the area hydrated and cool using products. Any items that may irritate the skin should be avoided. Any product containing acid, strong fragrances, or exfoliants falls within this category.

It is suggested that you apply IPL on your legs every 8-10 weeks to notice benefits. You may shave in between those times, but the treatments should not be done more often than that.


Let’s put things in perspective. IPL treatments may seem difficult or time-consuming. An at-home IPL machine might cost anywhere between $170 and $400. That may seem costly at first but consider how much shaving there is. A razor may cost anywhere from $3 to $20, but you’ll also need to buy additional blades when it’s time to replace it. Every five to seven shaves, you should change your razor. You may buy new razors or simply replacement heads, which cost an additional $10 on average. It would take 14 shaves to reach the cost of an IPL machine using these calculations. 14 shaves won’t provide you long-term benefits, but IPL will.

In the long term, IPL will deliver better, easier, and less expensive outcomes than any other hair removal technology. For more details, see our comparison of hair removal expenses page.

Check out all the Vivre hair removal gadgets now; with summer approaching, there’s no better time to have smooth, hair-free legs than now!