What makes Vivre® IPL Pro different from all other IPL devices?

What makes Vivre® IPL Pro Cordless Hair Removal different from all other IPL devices?

Are you tired by using traditional short-term hair removal method and will soon have to redo it? IPL devices provide safe and clean solutions that is “Vivre® IPL Pro”. The most exciting fact of Vivre is, it is considering as the most utilized technology of medical-grade hair removal devices that can easily be used while staying at home. This device is painless and removes hair permanently.

Vivre IPL Pro (10-)

Most hair removal equipment uses wave filters rated at 470, 510, and 530. These filters are not entirely effective in preventing skin damage that result will be leaving a tingling sensation or affecting the skin because of short-wave energy,

Vivre® IPL Pro has passed safety inspections, FDA certification, and other awards. It adopts the latest thermodynamic principle to gradually reach the hair’s root follicles through the skin surface layer to achieve permanent hair removal gradually.

Vivre® IPL Pro has no side effects, and does not harm the skin. Only one treatment course is needed to effectively inhibit more than 96% of hair growth slowing down. Continuous use can achieve the target of permanent hair removal.

What is freezing point hair removal?

Freezing point hair removal is an advanced permanent laser hair removal method, actually a laser hair removal technology. According to the selective photothermic principle, the freezing point waltz utilizes a semiconductor laser hair removal device’s freezing point.

 The laser penetrates the skin surface to keep the hair follicles at a specific temperature, making the hair follicles and surrounding stem cells inactive and achieves permanent hair removal. Freezing point hair removal can quickly and painlessly remove excess hair in large areas and effectively protect the surrounding skin. How to use freezing mode?

  1. The freezing point mode is turned on during the hair removal process, which effectively neutralizes the skin burning sensation caused by the hair removal, and completes the painless hair removal.
  2. After hair removal, you can remove the filter head and use the bare hand to adjust to the freezing point mode.

It is just because of the extreme version has no filter head filter, that’s why it is recommendation to turn on the freezing point mode when using it. The Vivre® IPL Pro has a filter head filter; you can choose whether to turn on the freezing point mode according to your own needs.

Note: Turning on the freezing point mode will not reduce the energy of light.

Features of Vivre® IPL Pro Hair Removal

  1. Using pure physical technology does not contain any chemical substances.
  2. Passed safety testing and FDA certification.
  3. No side effects, no harm to the skin.
  4. Through the skin surface layer to reach the root follicles of the hair, the permanent hair removal effect is gradually achieved.
  5. Adopt the innovative photothermic dynamics principle.
  6. Effectively inhibit more than 96% of the slowing down of hair growth.
  7. Persistent use can achieve permanent hair removal effect.

What makes Vivre® IPL Pro different?

Is Vivre® Pro, IPL or a Laser device?

Vivre is an Swedish brand, but not yet known in Canada and US. The main difference of Vivre is, it uses the light technology that differentiates it from other brands.

Vivre IPL

Meanwhile, many brands use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, Vivre use Optimal Light Pulse Technology. It means the Vivre® IPL Pro is a more advanced hair removal technology as compared to others.

How the Vivre IPL technology works?

The Optimal Constant Pulse Technology epilation technique is an innovative solution that guarantees high-quality and effective hair removal.

Furthermore, Vivre® IPL Pro also uses Continuous Pulse Technology that initially divides light into low-intensity pulses. It is just because the Vivre® IPL Pro hair removal tool is specifically designed to represent the skin more effectively and smoother.

Vivre® IPL Pro has 5 modes and 3 filter heads, one is for the face , and the remaining 2 are for hands, legs, underarms, and private parts.

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